Interceptive Orthodontics

Our pediatric dentists have in depth knowledge regarding the growth and development of your child’s teeth, mouth and face. We can correct simple abnormalities of tooth and jaw position using removable or fixed orthodontic appliances. Treatments include:

Space maintainers

When a baby molar is lost prematurely, it is often necessary to hold the teeth on either side of the missing tooth to prevent shifting and space closure. If the space is not maintained, it will be lost and permanent teeth will be unable to come in properly. When a primary front tooth is lost, it is not necessary to place a space maintainer as movement of adjacent teeth is not anticipated. The type of space maintainer used is dependent upon your child’s age, number of teeth lost and the stage of development.

Cross-Bite Correction

Dental cross-bites commonly exist when there is an abnormal relationship between the upper and lower teeth. With the use of a dental appliance during the child’s developing years the bite can be corrected preventing the need for more complex orthodontics (and in some cases surgery) in later years after growth has stopped. Our pediatric dentists use both removable and fixed (cemented) appliances and will discuss which one is best suited for your child’s particular needs.

Habit Appliances

Finger or thumb sucking and other oral habits usually stop on their own. In some cases a prolonged habit can contribute to crooked or crowded teeth and jaw problems. If there is difficulty in stopping the habit, a mouth appliance may be recommended by our pediatric dentists.

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